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Clinical Hypnosis

Dr. Boone

Clinical hypnosis therapy is used to help people stop smoking; it can be a one session treatment for success. We can also use neurofeedback in tandem with clinical hypnosis to be able to assess or watch what is going on in your brain. The brain waves start slowing down and it adds objectivity to a process that was normally only subjective.

Clinical hypnosis therapy should always be directed by a trained and licensed therapist in the medical or Psychological professions! Having said this, CH is very effective and low risk. It can be used as a stand-alone in treating many disorders. Among the most common uses are smoking cessations, obesity management, phobias, etc.

It is not stage magic or hocus pocus. It is a powerful instrument when administered by a professional who knows how to treat the disorder with which CH is used. It is a tool for quickly getting to a point of receptivity, then the skills of the therapist are applied.

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