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Crainal Electro Stimulation (CES)

Produces a mild DC current generally through a set of ear clips. It is safe and comfortable; producing tingling sensation down no tactile sensation at all. It has been recognized for many years that most depressed individuals have a positive response to an electrical input. This is not Electro Shock. The voltage is very low and none of the published literature reports any cases where training with the "CES" protocol has caused any long term undesired results.

Hemeoencelphlagraphy (HEG)

This instrument uses a narrow headband with 2 LED lights attached in the band. It connects to the hardware that allows monitoring and training of the brain's response to the light. Again, the brain responds to the light which penetrates the scalp and skull. The light making contact with the brain results an increase of blood flow, resulting in an increase in the oxygen supply to the brain. HEG is one of the most effective interventions for depression. Simple to use, easy to connect, and very effective. Just wrap around the head with light sensors fitting on the forehead and guide the results.

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