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Z Score Training

Z Score Training is a gentle protocol for training deregulated brain wave activities, through the processes of operant conditioning, or learning by repetition with a real time reward feedback; examples such as, learning to ride a bicycle, driving a car, etc.

The procedure is simple. A cap with sensors inside is placed on the participant's head and each of the sensors are filled with a small amount of conductive gel. The gel connects the signal that is coming from the brain to the EEG-BIOFEEDBACK equipment, which in return measures the brain waves against the settings set in the software for the exercise. When readings match a reward is given; this may be a sound, a game response, etc. The brain quickly identifies what the reward means and what is required to get it.

Why is it called Z Score Training? Z Score is a mathematical measurement which looks like a bell; so it is referred to as "the bell curve." Its use in neurofeedback is to determine the degree of dysregulation in a various number of situations and to train the dysregulation toward the -0-.

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